Chora Sfakion, Sfakia, South Crete, Greece - welcome to Delfini!


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Chora Sfakion Map

Simple Map of Chora Sfakion

Inspite of the Map simplicity there's more in Chora Sfakion. Next to Delfini is a post office, souvenir - newspaper shop and car rental. Medical ordination is just a few hundred meters away. Bakery, minimarkets, taxi service, bus station and butcher are only 20- 50 meters away. Public parking is just next to our restaurant with a plenty of space. Closest to the sea Delfini is a first in the small line of restaurants lined along the harbour. Our taverna provide access to the small harbour beach. Some of the people are swimming there as you can see on the photos. This is not recommended as a permanent solution, however. There is a clean, quiet and picturesque Vryssi beach just a 150 meters away. Anyway we are at your service to tell you exactly where is what including the number of interesting sites in wider area. If you wat to hike or visit the places and other beaches around, just ask our waiter.

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